The Izivunguvungu Youth Band

It was wonderful to have the Izivunguvungu Youth Band visiting Knysna as part of the Oyster Festival (above doing a rousing performance of "What a Wonderful World" with Robby).

The Zulu word "izivunguvungu" means "strong winds", a very appropriate name as the Izivunguvungu Foundation, which is a project of the South African Navy, offers both sailing and music programmes for the benefit of the youth from disadvantaged communities around Simonstown in Cape Town.

I met the band and their leader, Ret Cmd Mike Oldham, two years ago when they were playing here for the Oyster Festival in the midst of torrential rain (so much that the marathon was cancelled!) and since then Mike and I have stayed in touch by email.  Their programmes touch several hundred kids and this year the Youth Band toured Germany.  It''s always exciting to encounter great programs that help kids, and if you'd like to help them with sponsorships there are more details on their site.

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